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Here are some images . . . descriptions are in the following table

merchant adventurer's angel sunflower with bumble bee jungle flower lake district kittiwake chicks seagull on coronia scarborough amsterdam canal pride in amsterdam jaguar wall plaque horses in horne seafaring wall plaque spider on web pink dahlia


Title  Keyword  Date  Description  Location 
img_2.jpg Flora 2010 04 Jungle flower MY
img_3.jpg Water 2006 11 Lake District UK
img_4.jpg Aves 2011 07 Kittiwake chicks UK
img_5.jpg Aves 2011 07 Seagull on Coronia UK
img_8.jpg Water 2012 09 Amsterdam canal NL
img_11.jpg Architecture 2011 03 Wall plaque NL
img_12.jpg Fauna 2013 09 Spider on web UK
img_13.jpg Flora 2010 07 Pink dahlia UK
img_14.jpg Architecture 2014 01 Angel in Merchant Adventures's Hall UK
img_15.jpg Fauna 2004 08 Horses in Horne NL

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• ISO 216 paper sizes are used in most countries in the world with the main exceptions United States and Canada.

• This paper standard defines the A and B series with A4 the most commonly used size.

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